Why Get a Security System? Crime in Ryde

Ryde is one of Sydney’s largest local government areas. It is easily accessed by tram from the city, enjoys gorgeous views of the Parramatta River and easy travel to other parts of the city. Ryde was the home of the Granny Smith apple! And while most parts of this area enjoy quite safe neighbourhoods and little interest in burglary, there are some very definite hotspots with a significant property crime rate, making a Ryde security system a very smart choice.

If you live in these hotspots for burglary defined by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, your home and family need a Ryde security system to keep them safe.

  • Streets in West Ryde north of the pumping station and Victoria Rd, especially in the section bounded by Station St and hermitage Rd to the west and east
  • Homes around the junction of North Rd and Lane Cove Rd
  • Homes in Meadowbank to the east of Meadowbank Park, especially around Meadowbank train station
  • Areas in Denistone West and the southern portion of Eastwood, south of Rutledge St between Brush Rd  and Ryedale Rd.
  • Homes in he southern portion of Marsfield, near to the intersection of Abuklea Rd and Balaclava Rd


There were also 166 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 686 cases of malicious damage to property in Ryde homes and businesses. Up to 100% of these might have been averted if the properties had monitored Ryde security systems, and many offenders could have been deterred from reoffending.

Ryde Community Safety Initiatives

Ryde City Council offers a good, standard selection of community safety initiatives that complement your own Ryde security system to deter crime as well as help solve crimes. These include:

  • Graffiti management plans and alcohol dry zones to help discourage associated crimes
  • Installation of lighting where required to discourage burglaries
  • Under pruning of trees to improve sightlines where required
  • Removal of parking spaces which facilitate crime
  • Repositioning of council plants and other concealment opportunities for criminals

There is also a Crime Prevention Advisory Committee in Ryde. If you feel that the effectiveness of your Ryde security system is being undermined by something which is council’s responsibility, get in touch with them.

Meeting dates for the committee are published in the Ryde City Council website, and the meetings are generally held at the Civic Centre in the Committee Room on Level 5. Get involved and support the Ryde security systems for your home!

Suggested Instructions for Ryde Security System Owners

You’ll need to set instructions for your monitoring company to follow, if and when your Ryde security system is activated. These can be modified by you in a number of ways, but the best practice instructions are:

  • Have us immediately inform the Ryde police station, or the Gladesville station if no officer is available at Ryde.
  • As the office is contacting the police, a guard will be dispatched to support the officer or protect your home and family until they arrive
  • We will continue to attempt to contact you until we reach you, if you didn’t answer your nominated phone the first time.

Ryde can be a city that has it all … don’t make it a city that has your sanity, your treasured possessions or your safety though! Get a FREE quote for your Ryde security system today.