Professional Guard Response Services in Sydney

As part of any fully comprehensive alarm services and security package, having a professional guard attend your property in a time of need is well worthwhile.

In the event that your property is burgled or invaded, simply give Pacific Security Technology a call and, for just $85 per dispatch (not including GST), we can have a professionally trained security guard attend the premises to deter imminent threats, assist in the apprehension of any suspects and provide support and assistance to the customers in question.

Our Recommendation

We aim to have a guard attend your property as soon as possible in the event of a threat and, with that, there comes an element of time wastage depending on the systems you have in place to alert you of that threat.

For example, if you run the most basic of alarm systems and you’re away from the premises, you won’t know of the burglary attempt in time to have a guard dispatched.

As such, and for the most effective use of the guard response service, we recommend that your alarm systems be set-up to run back-to-base monitoring.

Back-to-base monitoring involves a team of trained security guards, employed to monitor the activity surrounding your given home or commercial security systems on your behalf. You can therefore be notified of any potential threats to your assets as they take place, giving rise to an immediate reaction time if you decide to include guard response as an additional service.

In the case of a burglary, the back-to-base monitoring team will be alerted of an intrusion and, with your permission, automatically dispatch a trained guard to the given location and alert the local authorities if required.

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Multiple Sites? Not a Problem.

As part of our Strata Management Solutions package, if you own or manage multiple properties, we can provide you with an all-encompassing alarms and security services package that allows for the most effective strata management solutions to repetitive and ongoing alarm issues.

Whether for the good of the tenants or to protect the furniture, by incorporating Pacific Security Technology’s Strata management packages, you can rest easy knowing that your associated contents insurance will be upheld through adhering to their associated security policy requirements.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients across Sydney to have their alarm systems installed and maintained effectively over the last twenty years and, with 5-star feedback across Google and Facebook, it’s fair to say that we’re pretty good at what we do.

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Don’t Forget Our Other Popular Alarm Services

We offer a whole lot more than simple guard duty services, heck, we’re Sydney’s number one alarm and security services provider across the board! So, with that, if you’re thinking of upgrading an older system, repairing an ongoing fault or incorporating additional layers of security, our technicians can provide you with;


Seamless Alarm Installations

Perfect for new developments, replacing corrupted systems or moving into a new property, PST’s alarm installations are second to none and cover all makes and models of today’s latest and safest alarm systems


Professional Alarm Repairs

Tending to every aspect of your alarms, we arrive fully equipped to tackle any and all issues across all makes and models.


Useful Security Upgrades

There’s no point in upgrading unless you really need to, so we’ll always do our best to keep your budget in mind and ensure that you’re only taking on what you need.


Ongoing Maintenance and Strata Management

For those looking to have their systems seen to on a regular basis, across one or multiple properties in New South Wales. We can tend to any and all elements of any alarm system.


And More

Click through to visit our services page where you can review an extended list of our full service catalogue and more detailed descriptions of what those services entail.


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