Below are answers to some of the questions we’re frequently asked – and if there’s still something about which you want information, just call us on 1300 660 445 or contact us.


To ensure that your property is well protected at all times, we have also provided easy to follow security tips for you to download.


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I have an electronic intruder alarm. Why should I have it monitored?


For a number of reasons. There will always be a positive response to an alarm activation. You can’t always rely on that trusted neighbour being at home. There is also the safety issue: Would you put your neighbour at risk? Guards are professionals and are equipped with safety and communication devices – even they will call for backup if the situation looks risky. There are a number of ways a serious burglar can disable a siren or an alarm. (We don’t propose to tell you how). Monitoring adds a further dimension to your overall security strategy.


If we monitor your alarm we are also monitoring its maintenance signals. We can then call you and inform you if you need to take any action. In the event your alarm does develop a fault we are able to call up its activation history from our monitoring software. This will often give us the information to make a more accurate diagnosis of the problem.


You monitor our alarm. Do we need to phone you when we go on holiday?


No, but we recommend you do and we will attach a ‘temporary note’ to your monitoring file with the dates you are away and any special instructions.


What happens if the power goes off?


Normally nothing special happens except, depending on the model of your alarm, a ‘trouble’ light may come on at your keypad. Provided the power cut is less than 8 hours and your batteries are less than 3 years old (routine servicing is essential) then no problems should occur.


How often should I have my alarm serviced?


For a residential alarm we strongly recommend an annual service. For most commercial and industrial sites, due to the greater complexity and usually a greater degree of risk, your insurer will usually insist on 6-monthly servicing.


FAQS about Alarm Monitoring:


Does Pacific Security Technology require me to sign a long-term contract?


No. Many companies lock clients into long-term contracts, and then provide below par service on the premise that they no longer need to earn your business. We’re different. We believe that we constantly need to work hard to earn your business, and that you should have the choice to remain with us or otherwise.


How will I be rewarded by switching to Pacific Security Technology?


Switching to Pacific Security Technology will grant you peace of mind. You can rest assured that your premises are closely monitored at all times and that dispatch will occur without delay should there be an intruder. You will receive the highest level of service at all times.


I have a long-term contract with another company, can I still switch to Pacific Security Technology?


It is advisable that you carefully read your current service-provider’s contract. You may be required to wait until the contract’s expiration date, or you may be able to opt out of the contract by paying an early termination fee. If you recently entered the arrangement, there may be a clause that allows you to terminate the contract within a few days of signing.


Do I have the option to switch from Pacific Security Technology to another company?


Yes. We do not believe in locking clients into long-term contracts, as such you are free to switch as you please. However, we promise to work very hard to ensure that you will always be satisfied with our service.


I don’t use my existing security system as I don’t know how it works. How will switching to Pacific Security Technology change this?


We will offer you a system that is easy to use and train you in its use to ensure that you get the most from your system. If required, we can also change, add or remove codes to make the system easier for you to use.