8 Unusual Home Security Options Your Home Could Use – Burglar Alarms Systems




A burglar alarm system is often considered one of the gold standards in securing the ordinary home. In reality, though, a burglar alarm system is just the icing on a cake of very sound security items and practices! You most likely already trim your trees and shrubs, lock your doors and windows, and keep a phone by your bed at night. But do you have any of our top 8 unusual home security options, to complement your burglar alarm system?


  1. Biometric readers
    Retinal scanners, fingerprint scanners and other biometric devices are now all available to homes that want the ultimate in security. You’ll never have a locked picked again!
  2. Door and window contacts
    These are used in addition to burglar alarm systems. Breaking the contact between the two parts of a door or a window breaks a circuit which trips your burglar alarm system. These are a useful addition to a motion-based alarm system – they let you know from the first second somebody tries to enter your house.
  3. Ultrasonic/infrared/glass break/vacuum/vibration/pressure/sound detectors
    In addition to motion sensitive burglar alarm systems, there are now a whole host of other detection methods that can be used to trip an alarm and alert Pacific Security Technology to come protect your home. Charlie’s Angels would never have been able to get past these!
  4. Gate control
    Most of us take steps to secure our premises only from the walls of our houses, inwards. In reality, though, we’d usually prefer that nobody come anywhere near our homes. Gate control acts as a useful addition to burglar alarm systems in many homes, stopping people from coming close enough to even attempt breaking and entering.
  5. Medical alarms
    Did you know there are items that can work in conjunction with your burglar alarm system to alert the ambulance service if there is a medical emergency? These are handy especially if you have chronically ill, very young or older people in the house.
  6. Spy cameras
    If a criminal spends enough time scoping out your home (or has access to the inside), they may well be able to determine the location of your CCTV cameras in order to disable them in a break-in. Of course, if Pacific Security Technology has wired your camera up to your burglar alarm system, we would attend as soon as the tampering occurred. However, spy cameras give them no such opportunity – they won’t even be recognised as a CCTV camera.
  7. Water and Flood Sensors
    Your burglar alarm system can’t detect water as an intruder – however these specialised sensors can.
  8. Smoke generator machines
    If you’re serious about having the best chance to apprehend an intruder in your house, a smoke generator machine can be linked to your burglar alarm system to confuse criminals until Pacific Security Technology or the police can apprehend them.


Pacific Security Technology sells and services all of these unusual security devices, as well as burglar alarm systems – ask us about installing them in your house today.