Wired vs Wireless House Alarm Systems Which Should You Choose?


The benefits of wireless versus wired house alarm systems are much the same as the benefits of wired versus wireless internet, which many of us are familiar with. While wired networks can be more reliable and cheaper, they are also more difficult to install. Wireless systems are much more flexible, but you’ll always find somebody with a horror story (“It happened to a friend of a friend…”) about a wireless system. Today we check out the benefits and drawbacks of the spaghetti bowl of wired systems, versus the ‘Invisible Man’ that is a wireless house alarm system.


Wired House Alarm System


The benefits


Wired house alarm systems are initially cheaper than wireless systems. However, if you need to hire someone to install them, the savings on the system are usually gobbled up fairly quickly by the installation costs. If you are confident of being able to install your house alarm system yourself without too much fuss, wired systems will save you money.


You may also get a bigger insurance discount for installing a wired house alarm system.


The drawbacks


As we mentioned, wired systems are much trickier to install – the wires need to either be covered up somehow, or run through the walls … which is a major operation.
Also, wired house alarm systems are not easily upgraded down the track, if you renovate your home or decide that better coverage is needed.


Theoretically, wired house alarm systems could be open to tampering, also. Of course, if you have your house alarm system monitored this isn’t an issue; Pacific Security Technology receives an instant report when your alarm system is tampered with in any way.


Wireless House Alarm System


The benefits


Wireless systems are obviously much more flexible than wired systems. You can move control points around at will (Pacific Security Technology is happy to help if you need advice doing this), add and subtract zones as you wish.


The drawbacks


You need to be aware of a wireless system’s age and pitfalls before you purchase it. Early systems could be armed while a door or window was unwittingly left open. Of course, modern wireless house alarm systems are nothing like this – but you should only purchase a system on the recommendation of a security expert. Systems that come from eBay or a classified ad have the potential to leave your home completely unprotected.


Which is Better?


Ultimately, most of the technical drawbacks of both wired and wireless systems have been dealt with by technological upgrades, and if you buy from a respected manufacturer the 2 types are fairly equal. The main consideration you should have is the ease of installation compared to the price. If you have any questions about the recommended house alarm system for your situation, Pacific Security Technology are happy to help you out with a FREE consultation!