What Happens When My Alarm System Monitoring

Company Is Called Out?


Have you ever wondered exactly how an alarm system monitoring company knows when something fishy is going on at your house? This is how alarm system monitoring works to keep you comfortably safe in your own home.


The System is Installed


Pacific Security Technology is licensed to install security systems, as well as for alarm system monitoring. If you haven’t already installed an alarm system to be monitored, we can do this. You’ll have a consultation, which will determine:


  • Whether a wired or wireless system will suit you best
  • How your house needs to be zoned
  • How many different security codes you’ll need
  • What technical features you need in an alarm – ‘pet immunity’, additional surveillance, etc.


You Arm Your Alarm


Your alarm system monitoring company won’t know anything is wrong if a break-in occurs when the alarm is unarmed. You can arm the alarm:


  • Whenever you leave the house
  • When you’ll be in the back yard for a substantial period
  • When you go to bed, if you’ve zoned your house to avoid kids, pets (and sleepy adults!) accidentally setting off the alarm


Your Alarm Goes Off


When your alarm is triggered, it may be either a silent alarm or a siren alarm. Either way, an alert is instantly sent to Pacific Security Technology. If you don’t deactivate the alarm within a set time frame (perhaps 30 seconds), we’ll take action.


We implement your emergency alarm system monitoring instructions, which are usually to send a guard to investigate. Then:


  • If the guard finds a break-in, the police are called
  • Your nominated emergency numbers are notified
  • The guard secures the area


What Else Does the Alarm System Monitoring Company Do?


If you take out a basic activation-only service with Pacific’s alarm system monitoring department, we also:

  • Contact you if the battery runs flat
  • Check out sensor faults
  • Investigate if the alarm is being tampered with
  • Keep a secret password to ensure


If you choose our full service alarm system monitoring, we would also:


  • Log users – who arms and disarms your alarm at what times
  • Record open and close times to ensure your alarm isn’t disarmed after hours


Ongoing Alarm System Monitoring


If you choose Pacific Security Technology for your alarm system monitoring, you are never locked into a contract. We keep your business with our great service and excellent pricing … not with expensive contracts. Contact us to find out more today!