10 Sensible Tips for Home Security & Security Alarm Monitoring


Having a secure home is achieved by installing the technology that can be used to make your home more secure, and also by your vigilance in using it! Even the most technically advanced biometric locks and the most responsive security alarm monitoring company can’t help if you leave your door open, your valuables outside, or your alarm disarmed. Here are the top 10 sensible home security tips.


  1. Install an alarm with security alarm monitoring
    It’s the gold standard in protection for your home and family. If you’re worried about practical barriers to installing an alarm, phone Pacific Security Technology today – there are very few problems that can’t be overcome.
  2. Have your alarm fitted by a licensed installer
    In NSW, all installers and security alarm monitoring firms must be licensed. Even if you are located elsewhere, always choose a licensed installer for peace of mind.
  3. Clean your motion detector lenses
    If your motion detector lenses are especially dusty, your security alarm monitoring company might not even be aware of a break-in. Make sure the lenses are clean and remain unblocked by furniture.
  4. Make your home visible
    Make sure you keep trees and bushes well trimmed; if you have a front fence, install a hip-height or wire model; and install motion-sensor security lights around your home.
  5. Use it or lose it
    If you have locks on your doors, lock them. If you have an alarm with security alarm monitoring, activate it. If you have a security screen, lock it. And if you have sensor lights, turn them on. There’s no point having security measures that aren’t activated!
  6. Get to know your neighbours
    Introduce yourself to your neighbours, and be sure they know all members of your family and anybody that will be staying at the house regularly. If they see anything suspicious, they can report it to the police.
  7. Buy a safe for irreplaceable goods
    Insurance can’t cover you for the sentimental value of family heirlooms, precious photos, etc. Security alarm monitoring can help protect from theft, but fire will still be an issue. Buy a safe for these items – preferably one that can be bolted to the floor.
  8. Create cloud-based backups
    Insurance also cannot cover the files on your computer. Backing up to an external source will protect you from hard drive meltdown, but if both the computer and backup system are stolen, your files could be gone forever. Backup to an internet based storage centre frequently.
  9. Follow vacation best practices

    If you’ll be away from your home for a period, let your security alarm monitoring company know, and arrange to have your mail held at the Post Office and junk mail collected by a neighbour, your gardens looked after, and put timers on your lights and television to give the appearance that someone is home.

  10. Phones in the bedroom
    If you can’t leave your security alarm monitoring system on at night, make sure you have a phone in your bedroom to alert the police o a break-in. Never confront the intruder.


The easiest and fastest way to protect your home is with security alarm monitoring – ask Pacific Security Technology today how little it could cost to protect your home!