10 Reasons to Have Your Security System in Sydney Monitored


Having a security system in Sydney that isn’t monitored is like having a television, in a house without electricity! There’s something there, alright – but you don’t have any of the intended functionality. Monitoring of your security system in Sydney is an ongoing cost, but one that is fully necessary to achieve your system’s full potential. Here are 10 reasons that you should have your security system in Sydney monitored.


  1. Peace of mind
    Many burglars are fully aware that there are security systems in Sydney that aren’t monitored. They may decide that they can grab what they need and get out before a passer-by rings the police.
  2. Takes crims off the streets
    Having an unmonitored security system in Sydney might scare away the person trying to get into your home … this time. Unless the monitoring firm shows up to detain the suspect, though, the potential burglar is left on the streets to simply pick his target more carefully next time.
  3. Protect your neighbours and passers-by
    Many people (especially your neighbours) feel it is their civic duty to confront a person that sets off your home alarm, putting themselves in serious danger. Have your security system in Sydney monitored, and post a sign advising people of that in a prominent place – and people will know that the situation will be resolved without them being put in harm’s way.
  4. Accidental alerts don’t automatically trigger a visit
    Sometimes people are worried that if they have a brain freeze and forget their code, the security company will come screaming up the driveway. Pacific Security Technology will always ring you first – if the phone remains unanswered or we do not talk to an authorised person, then we attend.
  5. No contracts
    For people that are worried about being locked into a contract with a potentially unresponsive company, choose a monitoring firm like Pacific Security Technology. We work hard to keep your business every month with quality service – you are never locked into a contract.
  6. You don’t need to buy a new system

    If you already have a system installed, you don’t need to go to the expense of updating to take advantage of our fast responsive monitoring services. Pacific Security Technology can monitor any security system in Sydney.

  7. Prevent burglaries by authorised access people
    Choose our Full Service option, and you get the handy User Logging feature. If a person with the code to your alarm burgles your property, we will know who it is … or who gave away your important security code.
  8. Arrange monitoring even without access codes
    Pacific Security Technology can work with you and other security agencies to get installer access codes – you can switch to our services even if you don’t currently know the main codes.
  9. Alarm problems dealt with
    If your alarm runs low on battery, is disconnected somehow or otherwise tampered with, we’ll know.
  10. Be trained to get the best out of your monitoring company

    In addition to monitoring security systems in Sydney, Pacific Security Technology can also train you to get the best out of your system.


There’s no reason to wait – call Pacific Security Technology about monitoring for your security system in Sydney today!