7 Mistakes That Waste a Back to Base Alarm!

So, you’ve finally made the move and installed your back to base alarm. You’re sleeping better, with the knowledge that nobody can come into your house without a big burly security guard following them within a couple of minutes. You’re happy knowing that you’re coming home to an empty house, where everything is just as you left it. All this newfound peace is good … but don’t get complacent! Many people end up ‘wasting’ their back to base alarm through these mistakes. Don’t make them yourself!

Trying to DIY Your System

Many people try to save money by self-installing a security system. This isn’t ideal – in some cases it will void the warranty, and not all companies will monitor self-installed systems because of the more frequent false alarms and possibility of failure.

Forgetting to Turn It On!

Oh, the irony! Your insurance company will be most unhappy if they give you a discount on your premium for having a security system, you forget to turn it on and are subsequently burgled. You’d face the stress of a break-in, PLUS the possibility that your insurance may not even pay out!

Choosing Contracted Monitoring

The majority of back to base alarm monitoring companies require you to sign a monitoring contract for a minimum of 6 months. Unfortunately, once they have you on contract their service often goes downhill! Choose a non-contracted service like Pacific Security Technology, where your business must be EARNT every time we speak to you!

Thinking That All Back to Base Alarm Monitoring Companies Are the Same

There is just as much variety in the back to base alarm monitoring game as in any other industry. Shop around for the best price, the best service, and the best selection of alarms!

Being Careless with the Codes

Your codes should be changed every 3-6 months. You should also assign temporary codes to any tradespeople who need to come in, and delete them immediately afterwards. Your codes should not be written down in any obvious place in the house – though you could file them in an obscure spot. Neither should your codes be stored on your computer, which could be hacked.

Setting a Single Zone

It’s easy to have a single zone on your back to base alarm for your entire house, but not the safest option. The ability to alarm part of the house while you are home (for example, the non-sleeping areas or just the front and back doors) can be a massive boost to safety.

Failing to Replace the Backup Battery

Most security systems have a warning light for when their backup battery is flat. If you don’t have it replaced promptly by a licensed technician, a thief could easily cut your power and have free rein of your house.

Pacific Security Technology offers special flat rate battery replacement for security systems installed by us, and we can usually come out within 24 hours – so there’s no need for delay!

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