Don’t Sabotage Your Own House Alarm System…

Having a burglar alarm system installed in your home can be the single biggest step towards complete security that it is possible to make. However, simply having the home alarm security system installed isn’t, by itself, a guarantee of safety as you sleep. Some homeowners make heartbreaking mistakes that see their homes ransacked and families put at risk, despite having a working alarm system installed. Make sure you don’t face the same fate, by doing the following with your back to base alarm:


Switching It On!

It seems obvious, but the single most common security mistake made in houses with working alarm systems is forgetting to switch it on. This often happens in the early days of an installation, when people are getting into the habit of turning the system on. After this, most occurrences are when people go from pottering around in the yards to leaving the house. Ask about installing extra pinpads for your back to base alarm in Sydney to combat this forgetfulness.


Changing the Code Regularly

The particular residents in a home changes from time to time; teenagers get new boyfriends or girlfriends, kids grow up and move out, trusted friends drift away. In addition, you’ll probably have to assign codes for tradespeople etc. Make it a habit to change the code on a regular basis; every six months at a minimum.


Picking a Secure Code

We realise that the code for your back to base alarm in Sydney is simply another password to memorise, on top of the many hundreds of others. However, picking a secure and unique code is vital! This means no sequential numbers, no repeated numbers, and no numbered codes of people’s names who live in the home.


Lock the Doors and Arm Your Back to Base Alarm When Home

Lock your doors at all times when you are home … just because you wouldn’t enter somebody’s house while they were awake, doesn’t mean that burglars share your social reservations! Additionally, make sure you arm your house alarm system when you’re sleeping.


Not Placing Sensors to Monitor Windowed Areas

Around 75% of burglars in a survey were more likely to go through windows than doors. You Pacific Security Technology back to base alarm installer will help you position sensors so that they cover windows as well as doors.


Not Monitoring the Rear of the House

Around 72% of burglars come in from the back of a house, not the front – even when there are other yards surrounding yours. Don’t forget to monitor and arm the rear of your home!

These simple setup and usage guidelines for your home alarm system will help ensure that you don’t end up kicking yourself later on … and that your back to base alarm performs to its considerable potential!

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