Honeywell Alarm Security Systems

Even if you’ve never had an alarm security system in your life, you have probably heard of Honeywell Security Products. At Pacific Security Technology, Honeywell alarm security systems and the accessories that go along with them are some of our biggest sellers. Today we are looking at the alarm-based components of the Honeywell range, and what’s helped the company become one of Pacific Security Technology’s most popular brands.
Honeywell alarm security system control panels
Honeywell make both wireless and wired control panels, but they only have a single model of wireless system, along with three different models of wired control panel. Their Lynx wireless control panel combines the functionality of:
control panel, keypad, siren, dialer, two-way voice system, and speakerphone.
This alarm security system also has some neat optional extras, like a family message centre (throw away the post-it notes!), a quick-exit feature that lets you leave the house for a short time without doing a full arm and disarm, and alarm and reminder announcements.
The three Honeywell wired systems have some pretty neat features as well – there are flexible function keys that allow for one-touch arming, the ability to control the system from any touchtone phone, a graphic display of event logs and the exit countdown, and the ability to program alarm security system arming and disarming.
Door and window contact transmitters
These are a very useful addition to alarm security systems, and Honeywell has quite a wide range. We find that the recessed mini transmitters are wonderful because they simply aren’t visible … the only people that will know it is there are your family members. Honeywell’s other standard non-recessed transmitters are ultra-slim and very unobtrusive. Many customers choose the wall transmitter which has arm/disarm functions as well as light and garage door controls on its panel.

Motion sensors
Your alarm security system control panel will be pretty useless without a motion sensor! Honeywell has a few basic motion sensors, with features like:
• The ability to surface, flush, or corner-mount the unit – whatever suits your home best
• Completely silent relay – if you’ve ever been annoyed by the clicks that other systems can make, you’ll appreciate this feature!
• The ability to temperature-compensate – the sensor would actually only activate within a certain range above or below body temperature to minimise false alarms
• Heat/cold  tolerance
Honeywell have really leaped ahead of other companies into the 21st century with their range of keypads – you can choose from keypads that are:
• Wireless (so you can carry them round the house with you)
• Graphics-based and have menu driven prompts – these are really easy to use!
• Voice-based – the control panel will speak to you
Honeywell’s products used trusted technology, and focus on user-friendliness. Pacific Security Technology can help show you how they’ll protect your home – grab a free alarm security system consultation today!

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