Broken Windows, Kicked-In Doors … Overcoming The Weak Points of Perimeter Security

Thieves always look for easy targets. Homes and commercial properties that offer minimal perimeter security are attractive options for the lazy criminal brain. The job for property owners is to ensure their home or business is not a sitting duck, ripe for the picking by opportunistic but often amateurish thieves. Most break-ins are crimes of opportunity by thieves looking for an easy way to get inside. Today we look at smart ways to protect the perimeters of your home.

Take stock of your property entry points

Make an inventory of all the access points around your home or business. Stand outside your property and note your fencing, your gates, garage doors, patio doors, windows and even your roof. Drawing a diagram of your property can help with this process.

Doors and windows

Check the quality of doors – timber or metal doors should be solid enough to provide a barrier between you and any unwanted intruders. Reinforced door frames are harder for thieves to kick-in. Quality locks and deadlocks and sliding bolts are a strong deterrent. Windows should have security screens and locks. Bars and grilles can be added and have moved beyond functionality to also appear decorate. Statistics show doors and windows are the most common points of entry for thieves – if they use them make sure they can’t do it quietly and easily!


Commercial properties in particular are often vulnerable through roofs and ceilings. Make sure the roof of your premises is not easily accessible by way of containers, ladders, wheelie bins, trellising or any other climbing material left nearby. Secure roof tiles or iron cladding. A monitored burglar alarm system is a must – it takes longer to enter from a roof and help can be on hand in time to prevent the loss of property.


Ten-foot high barbwire fences may well keep out unwanted intruders but they simply are not an option for most homes and business premises. Make use of attractive, keyless entry electric gates by all means, but often a well planned, open front yard can work in your favour, allowing a clear view of your property (and security provisions!)

Lighting and visibility

We all want our homes to be a private sanctuary but security lighting such as outdoor sensor lights are a real deterrent to would-be thieves. They let anyone indoors know that something or someone is moving about outside and also give any neighbours or passers-by a chance to notice any suspicious activity. Also be aware of trees or large shrubs that might provide cover for anyone lurking around.

Mounted alarm systems and cameras

Mount monitored burglar alarm security systems around the front of your home or business to put would-be thieves on notice – and make them think again! These systems not just give the appearance of a well-protected property but also ensure burglars do not have the luxury of a leisurely robbery. Expert security will be on hand fast!

It is not necessarily desirable or even possible to turn your home or business premises into a fortress, but with quality doors, windows, screens, roofing and lighting your property will not be easy pickings!

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