Why Your Home Is Probably Insecure Right Now

Most of us believe that we’re pretty good with home security. We lock our doors at night, we always turn on the burglar alarm security system, and we’ve even put some though into designing the environment surrounding the house in a way that discourages unwanted guests. However, even houses that go so far as having burglar alarm security systems make quite a few common mistakes! Here we look at the oversights that most people make, and that mean your house is probably insecure right now.
  • Not changing the locks when you move in
  • Locking your doors and windows won’t matter if the person who previously lived in the house still has a key that opens your front door!
  • Letting cleaners and contractors in when you aren’t there. It might be more convenient to have cleaners and contractors access the house when you aren’t there. However, it can also completely negate the value of door locks and burglar alarm security systems! People can have keys copied by a partner while they work, they get to scope out weak security points of the house, and if you’ve given them a code for the burglar alarm security system and don’t erase it quickly enough, they may even be able to get in and out silently.
  • Letting salespeople in without checking ID
  • Some professional burglars dress as door-to-door salespeople to check out houses they want to break into. If a person knows your homes weak points and exactly where the items they want are located, they could be in and out before your burglar alarm security system monitoring company can get there.
  • Keeping a spare key outside
Someone with a key, but without a code to your burglar alarm security system will still have a short and noisy time inside your house… but do you really want people to just be able to walk into your home? If you must keep a spare key outside, bury it in a 35mm film canister.
  • Because your hinges are on the outside
Burglars have been known to use a simple screwdriver to take  doors off their hinges, and silently gain access to the house.
  • Your garage is attached to the house
Not a security risk  in itself, but when you consider that:
  1. Garage door openers often use the same frequency as other openers
  2. Devices can quite quickly be made that will find and mimic the frequency used by your garage door
  3. And the opening between your garage and your house rarely has a decent lock on it
This becomes a major security risk. If your house isn’t zoned to allow the burglar alarm security system to be on at night, and you have an attached garage, it is major security flaw.
You don’t lock your doors at night
We all go through varying stages of sleep depth, and even light sleepers will not wake if you happen to be in the deepest stage of sleep when somebody breaks in. The lesson? Don’t assume that you can safely leave your doors unlocked at night because you think you’ll wake up to a noise.
  • You haven’t engraved or safe-protected your possessions
If a burglar does decide t stay after the burglar alarm security system goes off and grab what they can, they may still be deterred if you have engraved your name and address on your valuables. Any irreplaceable or non-engravable items should be stored in a safe.

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