10 Official Robbery Prevention Tips for Businesses

We know that robbery prevention makes sense from a financial point of view – why would any business team work as hard as it does to make money, only to make it easy for somebody to come along and take all the profits by force? However, many businesses don’t realise that their robbery prevention efforts are also mandated by law. Occupational Health and Safety legislation tells us that every business must provide a safe workplace for their employees. These 10 robbery prevention tips involving technology like CCTV camera systems and back to base alarms, functional design tips and a legal perspective will help you ensure that your workplace is safe AND profitable!

Ensure you have digitised, high quality, real CCTV camera systems equipment! 

  1. CCTV camera systems is one of the single biggest factors in robbery prevention. However, it must be:
    High quality – so that you can clearly identify an offender
    Digitised – Because a large number of businesses do not change their analog tapes quickly enough
    Real – Because robbers soon learn to spot fake cameras and signage, and they will actually make you a target rather than deterring them!
  2. Install a panic button
    Your back to base alarm monitoring company can install a panic button in the service area, which can be discreetly pushed with a knee or hip if the staff member is in danger.
  3. Don’t ditch your convex mirrors
    Let people know that your staff can see them everywhere in the store, immediately.
  4. Maintain good street view
    Ensure that posters and signage doesn’t block the view of the street for service staff. Install sensor lighting to provide a clear outside view at night time.
  5. Staff your night shift cleverly
    Females shouldn’t do night shift alone in businesses prone to robbery.
  6. Clean customer contact areas regularly
    Wiping your bench, your door handles (if applicable) and fridge doors every 2 hours with a detergent-based cleaner increases the chance of getting a readable fingerprint in case of a robbery. A fingerprint can work with your CCTV camera systems to positively identify a robber.
  7. Bolt your register down
    Even if the staff member refuses to open the cash register or leaves the area, you’ll attract thieves if it is not bolted down.
  8. Install a wide, elevated and clearly visible counter
    This helps put a barrier between robbers and your staff, and increases the chance of a robber being seen (by passers by as well as your CCTV camera systems)… which they obviously dislike!
  9. Keep your side and back entrances locked
    Especially delivery bays.
  10. Use a height chart and witness description forms
    Height estimation stickers are placed near a door, and make it easier for staff to describe a robber’s height. When displayed they can act as a deterrent. Witness description forms simply help catch any brazen robbers who’ve made it past this many defences!


Some tips are easy, some (such as CCTV camera systems) take more work … but with more effort comes a greater reward of more effective robbery prevention. This equipment and these tactics are an investment in safety and profitability.

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