Home Security Considerations for Rural/Acreage Dwellers

There’s absolutely nothing like living on acreage! Whether you farm your land or not, there is just something about the fresh air, the privacy and being in tune with natural cycles that helps give us a sense of peace and calm. However, it is important that you don’t become so peaceful in your home that you get complacent about security! Rural properties are generally considered ‘safer’ from burglary than standard suburban home, but their isolation is a major weak point. Today we look at how you can overcome this with technology, for a safer rural home.

Monitoring and CCTV Considerations

Home security monitoring via perimeter and internal alarms is the gold standard in security for ALL homes, not just rural ones … but nowhere is it more necessary than in a rural area. You can’t be at your home all the time, and there are no neighbours around to help you keep an eye out for wrongdoers.

Some people choose not to have their property monitored because they believe the response time would be too long. If you are more than 30 minutes from a monitoring station, CCTV camera systems will allow you to both deter intruders, and to catch them after the deed … getting them off the streets!

Build Your Own Fort Knox

Rural dwellers tend to spend quite a lot of time at their properties. Why wouldn’t you, when paradise is right at your doorstep?! When you go out, though, it’s likely that your trip will be a reasonably long one, given the distance to other facilities – and burglars know that they have some time to figure out how to get into your property.

They also know that the chance of being spotted by neighbours is slim to none, so they are more likely to do things like trying to get in through the roof, kicking in windows or doors, etc.

You’ll need to pay close attention to all the entry points of your house, with home security monitoring measures like:

  • Ensure all doors have Australian Standard double cylinder deadlocks
  • Install keyed window locks and window grates
  • Maintaining sensor lights outdoors – if anybody tries to get into your shedding at night, you’ll know about it.
  • Never hide your keys outside
  • Alarm your roof cavity as well as the house with a back to base alarm

Should I Buy a Dog to Protect My Property?

It is usually more feasible to keep dogs on a rural property than in a suburban or inner city home. Keep in mind that in rural areas, there is more potential for your dog to wander, harass the neighbour’s livestock or get himself into trouble! If you choose a dog as part of your home security monitoring system, make sure you fence your yard.

Guns and Rural Home Security

A higher percentage of rural dwellers than city dwellers own guns. Don’t let your gun lull you into a false sense of home security and cause you to go without a home security monitoring system, though. Your gun can only deter somebody if you are there holding it – and when guns enter the picture there is just as much potential for you to be hurt as the intruder. There is also potential for you to be arrested if you fire in a non self-defence situation.  Keep them locked up!

CCTV and back to base home security monitoring are your best bets for allowing you to protect the lifestyle you love on your rural property!

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