Suburb Security Spotlight: The Worst Streets in Blacktown, Sydney for Burglaries

We’ve recently been looking at crime hotspots in suburbs surrounding Sydney. While it is never possible to predict exactly which buildings will be burgled or stolen from … and it certainly never pays to become complacent … if you find that you are in a hotspot area, you know that extended security strategies are definitely appropriate for you. Today we go to the police statistics for Blacktown, Sydney, and find out which houses can most benefit from CCTV camera systems, back to base alarms and alarm monitoring services.


Break and Enter – Dwelling

There are substantial portions of the Blacktown local government area covering entire suburbs which have significant numbers of break and enters each year. The following areas all show up as red, or having the highest density of break and enters, in the Blacktown area. Back to base alarms and some serious fortification of homes is definitely recommended:

  • The entire suburbs of Shalvey, Bidwill, Oakhurst, Dharruk, Emerton, and Tregear
  • The southwest portion of Hassal Grove, especially south of Luxford Road
  • Portions of Whalan north of Woodstock Ave
  • Streets bordered by Woodstock Ave to the north, Carlisle Ave to the west, Luxford Rd to the south and Francis Rd to the east in Mt Druitt.
  • The portions of Doonside south of the railway line, and the corresponding portion of Woodcroft bordered by the railway line to the south, Knox Rd to the west, Richmond Rd to the north and Lyon St to the east.


Break and Enter – Non Dwelling and Robbery

Business crime centres around the following hotspots in the Blacktown local government area. Business crime is best deterred by CCTV camera systems in conjunction with back to base alarms. Back to base alarms fitted in the following area of Blacktown government area should also have panic buttons installed to deter robberies.


  • The Westfield Mt Druitt area, including surrounding shops
  • Shops surrounding the Doonside train station
  • Any buildings in the Shalvey area bordered by Peter Van Hasselt Park to the South and the vacant area to the north.
  • Any buildings and shops in the Blacktown train station area
  • Buildings and shops in the area of Lethbridge Park where Palmyra Ave, Luxford Rd, Copeland Rd and Hatherton Road intersect
  • All shops in and surrounding the Emerton Village shopping centre


Steal from Dwelling

This slightly different crime category has the same effect as a break and enter – something is stolen from private property. However, the crime may have been committed by somebody known to the residents, or a door or window may have been left unlocked so no ‘breakage’ was necessary. The area basically mirror those for break and enters however, and are centred around:

  • The entire suburbs of Bidwill, Willmot, Whalan, Dharruk, Hebersham, Blackett and Tregear
  • The streets bordered by the Great Western Hwy, Mamre Rd, the Western Motorway and Bennett Road in the St Marys area
  • Streets in Doonside to the south of the railway line, bordered by Lancaster/Lyon St to the east, Bungarribee Rd to the south and Doonside Rd to the West.


Back to base alarms are the most effective way for people living in these areas of the Blacktown local government area to protect their homes and families. For businesses, CCTV camera systems add an additional layer of protection, and panic buttons allow a quick response by the alarm monitoring service without the need for intervening phone calls. Get the installation process started before you become another of the many statistic in these areas of Blacktown!

8 Vital Reasons to Keep Your Landline Phone

In this age of Wifi, internet access via the 3G network, iPhones and tablet computers, more and more people are getting rid of their landline phones. We know that it can be expensive to keep a landline phone in additional to having four mobile phones in a four-person household … but there are some very good reasons that you shouldn’t get rid of it! From facilitating alarm monitoring services to getting better internet rates, we check out why landline phones can help keep your family grounded.

Flexible, Reliable Alarms and Alarm Monitoring Services

Most good house alarm systems dial via a landline connection to alert the security alarm monitoring company. It is possible to get alarms which dial via a 3G connection, but your choice of models is more limited. Additionally, you are subject to 3G signal coverage issues, which adds an element of uncertainty into your alarm monitoring service.  These alarms have excellent backup systems, but nothing can beat a fixed line for reliability.

Faster and Cheaper Internet!

Naked DSL and wireless broadband are widely available, but with many internet service providers these options either come with slower connection speeds, or with higher price tags attached. Of course, there’s no sense paying an extra $50 phone bill to save $20 on your internet … but there are other cost savings! See below…

Cheaper Alarm Monitoring Services

Good models of back to base alarm will make test phone calls at regular intervals to us at Pacific Security Technology, to let us know that there is nothing wrong with the connection and if you need help, you’ll get it. However, if you don’t have an active landline to the house, your call costs will be higher via the 3G network.

It Never Runs Out of Battery

Your landline phone will work even in power outages, and never runs out of battery. This means that you’ll always have access to your phone when you need it … what happens if you lose power while your mobile phone only has one bar of battery power left?

No Unexpected Dropouts

If you’ve ever waited on hold to your electricity company for 30 minutes and then had your mobile phone signal drop out, you’ll understand the value of having a landline available when you need it!

They’re Hard to Lose!

You may beg to differ if you have a cordless landline phone … but choose an old-fashioned corded phone, and you won’t have signal issues or be able to lose your handset.

Leveraging Different Call Costs

At times, it may be cheaper for you to call an interstate relative on your mobile – especially if they are on the same network as you. If they aren’t on your network or you plan to talk longer than the number of free minutes you get, your landline may be cheaper. Having both available can save you money by leveraging the different costs!

Precise Location in an Emergency

IF you use your landline phone to call 000 in an emergency, it will display the actual physical address for 000. However, mobile phones can only be located to within the nearest 50-300 metres – not very precise in a suburban neighbourhood.

Video-Based Home Intercom Systems – Should I Get One?

We speak to a lot of people that believe that video-based home intercom systems are overkill for their property. Of course, everybody has to consider the risks, costs and benefits of owning one in their particular situation … but we honestly believe that many people simply don’t understand the full range of advantages for people with video-based home intercom systems. We check them out here!

The main types of video home intercom systems include:
•Black & White / Colour
•Infra-red illuminated models for night-time vision
•Systems with high res LCD display screens
•Hands-free or handset models
Every good video home intercom system is also audio-equipped. You can both see and speak to anybody knocking at the door.

Knowledge is power
In this case, knowledge of exactly who is at your door is power! Of course, the standard, low-tech door peephole can be argued to give you ‘knowledge’ of exactly who is at your door, as well. The differences between a peephole and a video door phone include:
•The blocked light and muted noises from the other side of a peephole alerts the person out the front to the fact that somebody is home. Video door phones are much more discreet.
•Peepholes distort your view of a person considerably.
•Video home intercom systems can have a much wider field of vision, with wide angle lens models.

Keeping the display away from the door
When you install a video based home intercom system, you can install additional display handsets. Teach your kids that if they are home alone, they are to check who is at the door from one of the stations further distant from the door. Some shady characters will try to talk your kids into letting them into the house with pretty convincing sob stories. Teach your children to check on who is at the door from a distant home intercom system display, and if they don’t know the person, or they haven’t been in the house before, to simply ignore them.

Intercom Sydney

Some home intercom systems also allow you to remotely unlock your door – so when somebody legitimate comes knocking, you can let them in from any corner of the hose where a handset is installed.

Recording capabilities
Many models of video home intercom systems are also equipped with a recording capability. You can press the record button while standing at the handset if you feel suspicious of any person that knocks at the door. Some systems can be set to monitor the front door while you are away.

Deflecting the determined!
If you live in an area where door-to-door preaching and sales are common, you’ll probably appreciate being able to easily deter the next person who ‘just wants to check that you have the best possible phone plan, and possibly save you a lot of money’! With a video home intercom system, you can’t get dragged into long sales pitches. For the salesperson who just won’t listen, escape is as easy as hanging up the phone!

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