Security Services for New Developments across New South Wales

Whether you’re still in the pre-fab stage of your next development, you’re midway through or you’re already doing your finishes, Pacific Security Technology can provide you and your engineers with seamless security system integration services that work to suit you and your requirements.

We have helped hundreds of clients across Sydney to have brand new alarm systems installed in their properties, ranging from simple motion detection set-ups all the way through to multi-tiered access control systems running 24/7 back-to-base monitoring and guard response services.

Where to start

To best understand the nature of your development and its associated security requirements, we ask that you get in touch with us by calling 1300 660 445, sending an email to or by clicking here to lodge your enquiry online.

From there, one of our trusted security specialists will arrange a site visit to perform an inspection and discuss the details of the build. This will allow us to form a comprehensive quote and establish the most appropriate approach to the installation.

Depending on the size, location and given foot traffic of your property, the cost of an alarm installation can range from anywhere between $185 to ten or even twenty times that much, so it’s important that we understand your needs perfectly before we’re able to give you an accurate quotation.


Assisting with Development Approval

Development Approval is tough to acquire, especially if the land you’re looking to use falls in a high-risk area for crime or natural disasters.

Some local councils will require that new developments meet higher standards in safety and security measures, making the application process all the more complicated and costly.

By incorporating a professional alarm installation service from PST, you can rest assured that the security aspects of any development approval application can be adhered to with the utmost ease.

Our development approval assistance covers everything from basic security set-ups to deter home invasions and burglaries, through to fire and flood detection systems and their associated alarm hardware incorporation.

We’ve been helping customers across New South Wales to install, repair and maintain their alarm systems for over 20 years and, in so doing, we’ve continued to build upon our reputation as one of Sydney’s most qualified and experienced alarm specialists.

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Service Locations and Pricing

Our showroom is based in Fairfield, New South Wales, and while we do our best to extend our services as widely as possible, we are limited in travel due to the time involved versus the number of customers in need of immediate servicing nearby.

We charge a standard call-out fee of just $185 Inc. GST when providing any installation, repair, upgrade or maintenance service, not including parts, to properties within a 10km radius of our showroom address, but this price varies as that distance increases, so for the most accurate pricing, please give us a call on 1300 660 445.

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Please find our standard pricing schedule below:

Alarm Installations

Call-out Service

Professional installation service, covering all aspects of system set-up and activation. Price does not include parts. $185 Inc. GST
Alarm Repairs

Call-out Service

Alarm repairs to cover all leading makes and models.Price does not include parts. $185 Inc. GST
Alarm Upgrades

Call-out Service

Taking your real requirements into account so that you don’t over spend on unnecessary parts and components.Price does not include parts. $185 Inc. GST
Alarm Maintenance

Call-out Service

Ongoing repair and replacement service to cover one or multiple properties on a regular basis. Available as once-off, weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual services.Price does not include parts. $185 Inc. GST
Back-to-Base Monitoring 24/7 Alarm monitoring service. Requires an alarm system with BTB capabilities.Price does not include installation and parts. $1.50 per day Inc. GST
Guard Response

Call-out Service

Have a professional security guard dispatched to your address for added protection. $85 excl. GST per dispatch
New Builds and System Replacements Brand new system installations and system overhauls generally require further information for accurate pricing. Please contact us. Please contact us


Popular Service Locations and Information

We work across a wide range of areas in New South Wales and through our experience we’ve put together some basic security information for each of the areas listed below. Please click on a location for more information regarding your respective security recommendations: