Don’t Fake It Til You Make It – Reducing False Alarms on Your Security Alarm Monitoring

Faking it can be handy sometimes! Fake tanning, false names … even the false impression that somebody is home while you’re on holidays can all be exceptionally useful. However, false alarms on your security alarm monitoring are definitely not ideal – they take staff away from situations that may be potentially life- or property-threatening, and some monitoring companies will actually charge you for false alarms that exceed a certain number per year. Besides that, it’s just embarrassing to have a security guard turn up and question why you want to get into your house! So today we are looking at both the common and unexpected things that can create false alarms on your security alarm monitoring, and how to avoid them.

Lock your doors and windows before arming the system
It sounds basic – but many people seem to get the idea in their heads that when they have security alarm monitoring, all they need to do is arm the system. Often this leads to false alarms when kids’ friends or door-to-door collectors open up the door and yell to check if they’re home,  when a bird flies I through an open window, or when you forget that you armed the system because you didn’t have to unlock the door!

Don’t a pet to move around the house in a non pet-safe system
There are plenty of inexpensive, pet-safe security alarm monitoring systems available nowadays. However, you can’t assume that your new alarm is pet-safe. Ask your security alarm monitoring company about the alarm specs when they’re discussing the product options with you.

Turn your fans off
If you’ve chosen a motion-sensor security alarm monitoring system, rather than an infra-red triggered system, you’ll need to keep windows shut and turn your fans off when you arm the system. Balloons, loose papers and the waving leaves of houseplants are common causes of false alarms.

Leave your washing until you’re home
If you have glass-break detection facilities on your security alarm monitoring contract, the vibrations from a washing machine on spin cycle, or even a clothes dryer, can set the glass-break detectors off.

Leave your number
If you change any of your phone numbers, make sure Pacific Security Technology is on the list of people to notify of the change. If we don’t have a current phone number to check with you if a security alarm monitoring activation was accidental, we have no choice but to show up at the house.

Let us know about changing phone features
Sometimes changes in your phone line, such as adding a number, activating a broadband service, or activating a call waiting feature can cause your system to malfunction, either failing to alert the security alarm monitoring company, or creating false alarms.

If you want to test, let us know!
If you want to test out your security alarm monitoring system, show a friend or family member how it works, you are welcome to. All you need to do is inform Pacific Security Technology in advance, so that we don’t turn up with the sirens blazing!

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