10 Signs That You Have a Fabulous Security Alarm Monitoring Company

There are quite a few security alarm monitoring companies about in Australia … and their quality is as variable as the Aussie dollar on a day-to-day basis! Short of checking out each local security monitoring company by trial and error, how do you know when you’ve stumbled across the best in the business? We look at the 10 signs that you’ve got a security alarm monitoring company worth hanging onto.
1. Security Master Licence Number
Security alarm monitoring companies in every state should be licensed. In NSW, the licence required is called a Security Master Licence Number; if you live elsewhere in Australia, it will be different.
2. Free consultations
It shouldn’t cost you anything to have a security alarm monitoring company give you a personalised consultation on how they can help you meet your security needs. The security alarm monitoring company will have ongoing business for some time if they impress you enough … this is reason enough for any worthwhile company to offer free consultations.
3. No lock-in contracts
Lock-in contracts can be a red flag for poor service in the security alarm monitoring industry. A good company will keep your business through prompt responses to activations and fabulous service, not through the threat of financial penalty.
4. Experience
How much experience do the management and staff have in the security industry? The more experience they have, the ‘merrier’ your security alarm monitoring experience will be.
5. They offer a full range of services
At a minimum, a good security alarm monitoring company will offer sales of your house alarm system, back to base monitoring, and servicing when required. This indicates that they’re familiar with all stages of the house alarm lifecycle, and base their recommendations for you on full knowledge of their products.
6. Emergency call outs available
If you’ve ever had an alarm malfunction because of a freak electrical storm, because the dog chewed the cable or the kids threw a ball at the sensor, you’ll understand the value of having emergency call outs available through your security alarm monitoring company!
7. They take special instructions
If your security alarm monitoring company has the capacity, and the willingness, to personalise your service for events like you going on holidays, you have one of the better ones in the industry!
8. Power monitoring
The best security alarm monitoring companies will also come check out your property if the AC power is cut to your alarm, or in the case of wireless systems, if both the main and backup batteries fail.
9. Training available
A worthwhile security alarm monitoring company is willing to show you how to get the best out of your alarm, how to identify and fix occasional occurrences, how to change zones, how to add and delete passcodes, etc. They shouldn’t require you to call them for every little update.
10. Full range of security solutions
If you decide to upgrade your home security systems later on to include items like intercom systems, CCTV monitoring, or other access control solutions, it is very handy to be able to do this through a single company!

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