Fight or Flight? What to Do If You’re Home During a Break-In

For females, the elderly and the ill, the fear of being home when a burglar breaks in is very real. These physically vulnerable members of society know that people will sometimes act desperately to avoid going to jail for burglary … and they may be seriously injured as well as their most important things being stolen. If it ever comes to the crunch, you’ll need a plan of action. Today we help you decide whether ‘fight or flight’ is the best option, if you happen to hear footsteps when you’re home alone …

Plan in Advance

There are hundreds of ways you can better protect yourself BEFORE somebody breaks in. Once they are in you house, there is very little you can do. The most essential actions to take are:

Installing a back to base alarm: There’s no need to be worried about your personal safety if you know that there will shortly be a big, burly person with expert physical protection skills along to help you!

Having your back to base alarm monitored: Research shows that most passers by ignore a flashing or wailing house alarm, either because they don’t want to put themselves in danger (understandable) or because they think it is likely to be a false alarm. Having your back to base alarm monitored is the most important step in protecting yourself.

Installing window grates, security chains, deadlocks etc: A security chain is a small but worthwhile investment, even in a rental property. Window grates and deadlocks are also essential to keep you safe.

Buy a Dog: Dogs are fantastic for personal safety, even if they’re quite small! Burglars will think twice about confronting a dog even as big as a blue heeler. Additionally, their ultra-sharp hearing will give you early warning of anybody entering the house who shouldn’t.

What If My Back to Base Alarm Goes Off While I’m Home?

If your back to base alarm is set off by an intruder while you are home, be thankful that you have it! We will phone the premises if it isn’t shut off within 30 seconds. If you don’t answer the phone, it is all systems go at Pacific Security Technology!

If your alarm goes off, don’t answer your phone. It will only let the burglar know that you are home and that you are near the phone. Some may be scared off … some may not be.

What If I Don’t Have an Alarm?

If you don’t have a monitored home security system and are home during a break in, you should:

  • Immediately dial 112 from your mobile phone, which you should keep within reach of you at all times.
  • If it is safe to talk to the operator, let them know what is going on. If the burglar might hear you, simply whisper ‘Help!’ into the phone. Using 112 as the emergency number allows your phone to be tracked via GPS, so you won’t have to give your address.
  • Consider leaving the premises if you can do so safely (for example, by going out your bedroom window). If you can’t consider hiding.

Don’t Try to Hurt Them

If you stab or shoot a burglar as a pre-emptive move, you could go to jail. If it becomes a self-defence situation you would have a legal defence … however, simply using your kitchen knife against an intruder coming round the corner could land you in very hot water.

Staying quiet and getting out of your home is the best solution. And if you didn’t have a back to base alarm before this happened, you know what your first order of business should be when you return home!

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