More Home Alarm Monitoring Tips from Real Homeowners – Part 2

Back in the pre-internet Dark Ages, we used to get all of our information from family and friends. And sometimes, if we were really stuck, the library! Nowadays we turn to the internet … but sometimes you long for the simplicity and straight talk of your friends and family, especially when you’re looking for information about something as critical as your home’s security. So today we continue our gems of advice from real homeowners about back to base alarm monitoring.

“House alarms are generally ignored by surrounding people as they don’t want to get involved”

This is vital to remember when you’re considering installing a home alarm system. You can’t rely on your neighbours to be home when your alarm goes off … and you certainly can’t rely on people passing by to call the police! We’re well trained not to call 000 unless it is an emergency, and people either fear for their own safety when getting involved in a tense situation, or they assume that somebody else has already called the police. Back to base alarm monitoring is the only smart solution.

“Won’t the burg sue me if I set up any sort of ‘alarm system’ that will hurt them”

This is a very common question, and there are several points to consider if you’ve thought about simply keeping a baseball bat next to your bed:

  • In every physical confrontation you get into, there’s a real risk that you’ll come out the loser. If you introduce violence, a burglar’s only possible response is violence.
  • Yes, there is a real risk of being sued for actively trying to hurt somebody that has come into your home. There’s the slim but real chance they are looking for sanctuary from something that may hurt them.
  • There are almost no verifiable cases where a burglar has successfully sued a homeowner for accidentally injuring himself in the house.
  • There’s also the possibility that your intruder may die if you physically attack them. Is a television and a few electrical goods worth somebody’s life, and do you want to be the person that takes it … really?

“Can the guards really doing anything, do they have any more authority than the next person?”

Yes, the guards that respond to back to base alarm monitoring calls do have more authority than you and me. Every state has their own version of the NSW Security Master License Number; security is a licensed industry nationwide. In many cases they also have more training, and are selected for physical strength and handling. Guards will detain an intruder that they find on responding to a back to base alarm monitoring call and await the arrival of the police … far better than just letting a thief go!

“Some alarm systems are silent; the back to base alarm monitoring firm gets an alert and comes down to catch the thief in the act”

For those that are worried that by installing a home alarm system they’ll be annoying the neighbours with any false (or real) alarm activations, a silent alarm system is the obvious solution. Back to base alarm monitoring is naturally the only option for silent alarms, though … a thief could be long gone by the time you get home from work, if you choose a ‘self call’ system.

“Sounds like you’ve never been broken into, when you say an alarm isn’t worth it. Just the trauma of the entry into our home and the effect on my family was enough for me. We also had so much irreplaceable stuff stolen”

This is one of the most convincing and inarguable reasons for getting back to base alarm monitoring. Yes, paying the excess on a home and contents insurance claim may be lower than paying for monitoring month to month. But when every minute in your home feels uncomfortable and restricted, and every tapping of a branch on your window at night wakes you up, the service is about more than the money.

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