Suburb Security Spotlight: The Worst Streets in Auburn, Sydney for Burglaries

It is an unfortunate fact of life that some suburbs, and some streets, are more prone to property crime like burglaries than others. Heck, it’s unfortunate that there are any burglaries in the world! It is impossible to completely escape crime, and there is little point trying to do so … but it does help to be prepared for what your area is like. This way you can confidently implement security measures like backto base alarm monitoring, CCTV camera systems or special locking devices and know that they are worthwhile. Today we turn the suburb security spotlight Auburn in Sydney, and find out where it is all happening.


Break and Enter – Dwelling

There are relatively few areas of Auburn that are untouched by dwelling break-and-enters, making back to base alarms a solid investment.


The worst areas in Auburn for break and enters of dwelling are:

  • The streets bordered by Railway St at the south, the Tooheys factory to the west, and Bachell Ave to the east.
  • The streets surrounding the Auburn Hospital, bordered by Vaughan St to the south, Park Road to the west, and Olympic Drive to the east.
  • The streets surrounded by Parramatta Road to the north, St Hillier’s Rd to the east and Rawson St to the west
  • The South Granville area


Break and Enter – Non Dwelling

Businesses located in the commercial break and enter hotspots in Auburn should have extra security measures in place. Make sure you implement safety measures like back to base alarms, smash proof windows and a non-tiled roof which cannot become an entry point.


These hotspots are less active than the residential break-and-enters in Auburn, but still significant:

  • The area surrounding St Josephs Hospital
  • The area surrounding the railway station at Lidcombe
  • The area to the northwest of Auburn surrounding Parramatta City Raceway


Malicious Damage to Property

Damage to your property can be significant for businesses, but is uncommon for normal residences. The hotspots for this type of crime in Auburn are:

  • The area surrounding Lidcombe railway station, including several streets past Olympic Drive to the west, to around Kerrs Rd to the south.
  • The streets bordered by Parramatta Road to the north, St Hillier’s Road and Park Rd to the east, Wellington Road to the south and Clyde St to the west.


Steal from Dwelling

This type of crime is almost identical to the Break and Enter – Dwelling type of crime, but it means that a homeowner has left an entrance point for the burglar so that they didn’t need to smash a window or force a door.


There are significant hotspots for this type of crime around Lidcombe train station and around Auburn train station, with the Auburn station hotspot extending up to Parramatta Road in the north, mostly bordered by Park Road in the east and the streets surrounding the botanic gardens in the west.


If you live or work in any of these hotspots, it is especially important that you talk to Pacific Security Technology about back to base alarm solutions, and potential extras such as CCTV or high tech locking devices.


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