Crime in Australia: How Do We Compare?

Australia’s streets are no doubt safer than those of Mexico, South Africa or much of the middle east. Yet 44% of us still fear we are likely to have our homes burglarised (Australian Institute of Criminology). So where does this once former British penal colony rank in terms of personal safety? Today we consider Australia’s crime rate and look at how the laid-back Aussie lifestyle can put us at an increased risk of crime.


How does Australia’s crime rate compare to other countries?

Different reporting and recording standards for crimes can make it difficult to accurately assess criminal rates between different nations. In one 2002 United Nations survey (Crime Trends and the Operation of Criminal Justice Systems) Australia ranked 19 in a list of 81 countries for robberies. Spain headed the list, followed by Argentina, the US, South Africa and Mexico.


Are robberies on the rise in Australia?

Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that there were 18,000 robberies reported to police in 2007. This represented an increase of 600 over the previous 12 months. Interestingly, young people were more likely to be the victims of robbery and just under half of all robberies took place on a street or footpath. Knives were the most common weapon, used in 20% of robberies.


How safe are we in our own homes?

The alarming reality is that household crimes, including car theft, house, garage or shed break-ins or attempted break-ins, pose a significant risk. One in 17 households (6.2%) fell victim to such crimes in the 12 month period leading up to July 2005, according to the sixth national Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) household survey of crime and safety. In total 488,200 households experienced one or more of these selected household crimes. House alarm system’s provide protection against becoming one of these statistics.


Fun in the Sun Down Under – a Burglar’s Dream!

It appears our laid-back Aussie lifestyle, full of warm summer nights, makes us prime targets for opportunistic criminals. An AIC report titled A Comparison of Crime in Australia and Other Countries (1990) showed Australians were more at risk of crime than their northern European counterparts. It argued that living in large cities, in detached houses made a burglar’s job easier! Equally the suburban dream may be a security nightmare.

The report also shows many of us travel to work in the city and leave our residential suburbs with little protection and at the mercy of thieves. Coupled with long daylight hours and an enviable climate, Australians having fun at the pub or beach are again subjecting their homes to attack. A house alarm system is like leaving a trained security guard at your house while you go out to play!

Household crimes such as break-ins and theft are a growing concern for Australians but with a house alarm system you won’t need to become a statistic!

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