5 Important Things ‘They’ Won’t Tell You About Installing Monitored Alarm Systems!

We all know that often the marketing hype for products often fails to live up to reality. Those ‘healthy’ fat free snacks turn out to be full of sugar, there is a tiny disclaimer on the bottom of an advertisement which says “Results May Vary”, or you discover that the only place that a product is ‘the highest quality available’ is in the opinions of the salespeople. Today we go beyond the marketing hype for home alarm systems, and look at the things that security salespeople would usually conveniently ‘forget’ to warn you about. We’re doing this not because you shouldn’t get a home alarm system, but because you should be fully informed before you do so.

Your Installer and Monitoring Company Don’t Have to Be the Same

You have free choice of the entire market when setting up the monitoring part of your home alarm system! That’s why we offer no contracts for security monitoring – we aim to keep your business by service, not by ‘force’ through a contract.

There Might Be Extra Charges for Phone Calls

Depending on your particular alarm and its security protocol, you might have an additional expense of phone calls for back to base monitoring. Some alarms use your fixed phone line to ‘check in’ with us, even if the alarm hasn’t been activated. It’s actually a good precaution that allows us to identify any problems with your alarm before they actually threaten your home or your family. The cost for these calls will vary depending on your carrier.

You’ll Need Extra Hardware for Some Phone Carriers

If your alarm is a data dialer, you may need a central filter installed for the alarm to be able to dial with some phone carriers. This is fairly easy for us to arrange at Pacific Security Technology, but just something to be aware of if you change phone companies.

Changing the Battery is Not Like Changing a Light Globe!

Your backup battery should last a minimum of 2 years. However, when it needs to be changed, your alarm will go off when you open up the panel – this is a security measure to prevent tampering. Some alarm systems require a licensed security company to change the battery. Some have an ordinary supermarket battery, some have a specialised alarm battery. Sometimes you require an installer code to change the battery. It is often easiest to call us if your battery has gone flat – we can let you know the best course of action for your particular alarm!

You Should Buy a Recognised Brand

Unknown brands may not only offer less protection because of compromised build quality, but you may be stuck with one or two home alarm system companies that are able to monitor it and replace the batteries. Then, if you happen to move outside their service range or you become disappointed with their business, there’s a chance you’ll have to have a new system installed.

Home alarm systems are a fantastic investment in your family’s safety, a way to get discounts on insurance and peace of mind for when you’re on holidays. However, you might say that they are ‘only human’, and certainly have their quirks … which we like to be honest about!


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