Common Questions About Back to Base Alarms Answered

It’s a lovely feeling to be inside your house, alone, and yet know that there are people outside watching out for your safety and the safety of your belongings. That’s exactly what back to base alarms do; yet many people still resist getting them because of misunderstandings about how they work. We’re aiming to smash down the walls of misconception today – or at least, answer some of the common questions which might be stopping you from getting a back to base alarm!

Aren’t back to base alarms really expensive?
Definitely not! Especially if you look at the figures involved:
• You can get a back to base alarm system installed for around $700-$1000.
• Your lifetime chance of being burgled is about 1 in 3
• A back to base alarm usually puts some pretty hefty discounts on your home and contents insurance, of around $50 to $100 per year
• You can also confidently put the excess on your home/contents policy up to the highest level, saving $100-$200 per year
• If your back to base alarm prevents a break-in being completed, you will have instantly saved yourself the excess amount on your insurance policy – up to $500.
When you look at the potential savings, even top-of-the-line back to base alarms are not particularly expensive.

Okay, isn’t the monitoring service really expensive?
Monitoring costs as little as $1 per day. Monitoring isn’t just the icing on the cake for a home alarm system, it IS the cake. Many passers-by assume that even if an alarm is going off, ‘Somebody is already dealing with it’. Your neighbours may not always be home, and you wouldn’t want to give them any reason to put themselves in harms way, anyway. When you consider that your home insurance discounts won’t be as sizable without active monitoring, you can see how essential it is!

Can’t back to base alarms be hacked anyway?
No. If anything happens to the alarm other than being armed or disarmed in the standard way, your back to base alarm monitoring company will receive a tamper alert, and will attend immediately. Life isn’t like Charlie’s Angels, fortunately!

Will my pets set off a back to base alarm?
No, there are plenty of ‘pet-proof’ models available nowadays. Most of these infra-red equipped don’t cost much more than standard systems.

But you can’t use them at night when you are home anyway…
Actually, by creating ‘ones’ within the home that your back to base alarm covers, it is possible to cover only certain rooms, certain levels of the house, or selected pockets. For example, you could secure the entire house apart from the bedrooms, or the downstairs only.

What if the power goes out?
Battery backup exists on all back to base alarms, and the monitoring company will be alerted if the battery fails also. However, most battery backups are designed to last around nine hours … far longer than the average blackout!
Back to base alarms will pay for themselves in just a few years, in monetary terms. However, in terms of your peace of mind, they pay for themselves instantly. Nothing else will instantly help you sleep better, and feel more free to enjoy your life!

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