Simplest Ever Ways to Keep ‘Burgs’ at Bay

Unfortunately, the world is full of people that would prefer not to work in order to earn things … full of people that would rather take what someone else has earned than do the hard yards themselves. Some home security measures (alarm monitoring, CCTV cameras, window films etc) take a bit of initial effort to install and then work to protect you for a long time. However, even alarm monitoring can only go so far if you don’t keep home security at the forefront of your mind. Here are 8 everyday ways to keep burgs at bay!

Keep a Secret

Not letting people know what is in, or around, your house that could be stolen is an essential first step in remaining burglary-free. So:

  • Bring your bikes and tools inside
  • Keep your curtains shut
  • Don’t leave the manufacturer’s boxes from new TVs, stereos etc out in the street next to your garbage.

The Illusion of Occupation

Burglars look for times when they are certain people aren’t home to break in – so leave music playing, or a light on a timer that goes on and off, especially if you aren’t home at night when burglars have better cover. Ideally your car will be parked away off the street, so people don’t have that clue as to whether you are home or not to try and test out your alarm monitoring!

Bringing in the Keys

No matter how clever your hiding spot for the spare key is, there’s a good chance that a burglar with a bit of time will find it. Of course, alarm monitoring will ensure that even if they do gain entry, they have little time to do damage … but better safe than sorry!

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

This is actually a research discipline! Its main concepts include:

  • Removing low shrubs in front of windows
  • Ensuring that tree branches don’t allow access to rooves or upper stories
  • Keeping all entryways visible to the outside
  • Using landscaping and design to clearly define your own space
  • Natural access control using thorny shrubs, rose bushes, high spiked gates, etc.

CPTED is an excellent addition to basic safeguards such as alarm monitoring, CCTV, etc.

Vacation Prep

So, you remembered your toothbrush … but did you catch all of the recommended security points for going on a holiday?!

  • Arrange to have your mail and newspapers collected
  • Leave some appliances on timers to give the illusion of occupation
  • Arrange to have your lawns mowed for an extended vacation
  • Have a neighbour move your car periodically, or park their car in your driveway

Preventive Security

In addition to alarm monitoring, Pacific Security Technology has a broad experience base in home security. Get a thorough security evaluation to help you spot areas that need to be fortified against intruders.

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